High School Summer Camp Info

Hume Lake | Aug 8-14

We're so excited to head to Hume Lake for our high school summer camp! Below are all the details needed as we prepare to leave. Please read carefully and complete all required task by the deadlines given. If you have any questions, contact Phil Zuch at phil@anthemchurch.org


Pay Balance

Hit the link below and login to your Planning Center account to pay any remaining balance. 

(click view registration to see balance once logged in)


Submit Med Forms

There are TWO medical forms to complete. Use the link below to submit the Anthem medical release form. Please check your email inbox for the medical release form info from Hume Lake. Please complete all forms by Mon, Aug 2nd


COVID Pre-Test

Hume requires all campers, volunteers, and staff to show proof of a negative COVID Test or Proof of Vaccination prior to arrival at camp. 

Hume will accept proof of a negative PCR or a Rapid Antigen test, both of which can be taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival to camp. Please note that Hume is not able to accept self-administered, self-verified, self-reported test results, or tests with mailed-in samples.

- Please upload your test results or proof of vaccination to hume.org/screening.

We strongly recommend making your testing appointment as early as possible, as testing availability may be limited in your area due to summer travel.

Examples of Valid Tests

PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests administered at a doctor's office, clinic, hospital, urgent care, CVS or pharmacy, county or public health departments, etc., and verified by a licensed healthcare or testing professional (non-family member).

Testing Resources
- Walgreens Pharmacy (FREE testing)

- CVS Pharmacy (FREE testing)

- Ventura County testing sites 



A combo of leaders and parents will be transporting students to camp. If you are available to drive, or if you have a minivan that we can borrow, please let us know by emailing Phil Zuch at phil@anthemchurch.org

The Essentials: Packing list

What to bring

- Sleeping bag and pillow
- Bible (and pen and notebook if you want) – be sure your name is in your Bible
- Bath / Swim towel and washcloth
- Flashlight 
- Water bottle (reusable with secure lid for hiking) 
- Sunscreen and hat
- Small backpack for hikes 
- General toiletries, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
- Plenty of clean socks & underwear
- Casual summer clothing (short sleeves, shorts, sweatshirt for nights)
- Pajamas / Sleepwear
- Modest one-piece swimsuit (no tan-kinis)
- Close toed shoes 
- Plastic garbage bag for dirty clothing
- $60 recommended spending money

Please DO NOT bring the following items:

- Weapons, such as knives or any other item or weapon designed to hurt someone (this includes toy weapons)
- iPods or other music players
- Any electronic games including Nintendo DS and other electronic video games.
- Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
- Please avoid preventable heartache; do not send anything that is irreplaceable.

(Remember: Girls no bare midriffs or spaghetti straps; guys, no sagging)

Departure + Arrival Details

Info coming soon!