To The Nations

February 25-29, 2020

Genesis Collective Conference

A boutique conference and prophetic statement of intent of our future work in the near east. For planters, pastors, and leaders. We will worship together, pray, enjoy meals around the dining room table, and begin new conversations of possility in the beauiful city of Istanbul.

Led by: Matt and Kristen Larson

Late April

Kingdom Partnerships

Join us as we partner with South African churches to train leaders and connect with churches, pastors, and leaders from Africa to dream about Kingdom initiative and church planting together. 

Led by: Matt and Kristen Larson

April and "The Fall" 2020

Remote Pastor Training

This would be an amazing opportunity to see first hand how Pastors and Leaders are being trained to lead their churches to fulfill the Great Commission.

Dates should be nailed down within the next weeks. You could go for one or two weeks.
Led by: Steve Larson


May 2020

Counseling & Womens Conference

This would be an awesome opportunity for two women to meet many Liberian women and see what God is doing in this remote, but wonderful area of Africa.

Steve is, at the same time going to be teaching Biblical Counseling to key leaders. This will be a smaller conference focused on those who want to make couseling a part of their ministry. 

Led by: Steve and Connie Larson

May 22-Jun 1 & Oct 23-Nov 2

Refugee Care

Every year, thousand of refugees arrive on the shores of Greece, and a loacl church led by Stavros Ignatious desires to minister of each of these people.

They engage with their local community by running a donation warehouse, preparing and serving meals, and running the childcare room at their local Asylum Center, where individuals go to apply for refugee status.

Led by: Nicole Raden
Approx cost: $2000

June 2020

Childrens Summer Camp

Join the Donahues, as well as their partner in Ukraine, to put on a week-long summer camp for orphanages where the message of Jesus is taught through crafts, music, drama, English grammer teaching, and sports

Led by: Tim and Laurie Donahue

June 30-July 5, 2020

Young Leaders Summit

The International Young Leaders Summit is a gathering of the key and strategic young leaders in our broader genesis commuity. Crafted by remarkable millenials, set againt the beauteous state of Portugal, these few days are designed to mobilize this generation to find each other in rich global friendships, to encounter Jesus together at a time of great spiritual urgency and to avail themselves to new gospel adventures.

Led by: Garrison and Meredith Wash