CORE Groups

We are breaking the church down into groups of 4 (4 men or 4 women) so that we can each take responsibility for our church family during this time. If you are not in a CORE group we would love to invite you to fill out the form and we will get you connected asap. 

Here is what we will set out to do...

1. Check in on each other daily through:
- Confession (sharing sin and struggle, victory and praise)
- Others (keeping our eyes on the lost and hurting)
- Reading (trusting the Scriptures for transformation)
- Encouragement (offering prayer and wisdom to give courage for the day)

2. Join together with the Community Group weekly to grow in God’s Word and share life together.

3. Be the base structure of the church through which we learn to disciple each other, care for each other and reproduce the gospel in others. We want to engage every believer in the life of following Jesus together.

Daily questions for your core groups

Each of the following questions are offered as a baseline guide to use each week as you engage with one another during daily check-ins:

- What are you struggling with? How have you seen the power of God at work this week?

- Who are 2 people that God is putting on your heart to reach out to? (Pray over those names)

- What Scripture are you reading? What does it say about who God is?

- How can we pray for you? What do you need courage for today?