Wed, May 13, 2020

Hallowed Be Your Name

Good morning, Anthem!

We are continuing on in our journey through the Lord’s Prayer to understand and implement the prayer life that Jesus teaches us about. I say understand and implement because it would be a pretty devastating thing to have an understanding of a prayer life, but no implementation. We want to be hearers and doers of the Word! 

So, we step into the second half of the opening line… Yesterday was “Our Father in Heaven” and today we read “Hallowed be your name”.

The word “hallowed” means “made holy” or “consecrated”. Jesus is teaching us a practice of worship as a part of our prayer life!

Many of the psalms in the Bible teach us how to worship as a part of our prayers.

Exercise #1 Choose a few psalms of praise from the book of Psalms and bring praise to the Father through the words of scripture. Here are a few suggestions...

Psalm 117

Psalm 100

Psalm 29

Psalm 34

Exercise #2: Now let's take some time to magnify the Lord with our words.

Grab a journal or notepad or iPad or computer… whatever your preferred writing implement is.

Start with the prayer, “Our Father in Heaven hallowed be your name”

Then begin to write in your own words a psalm of praise. It doesn’t need to rhyme or have a poetic flow to it…enjoy the process without worrying if you are doing it correctly.

If you feel stuck, here are some prompts...

- Write a line or two about God’s power/bigness/capability
- Write a line or two about how God has shown his faithfulness in your life.
- Write a line or two about God’s gracious kindness to you
- Write a line or two about the contrast of God’s goodness to your brokenness

Take some time to bring your psalm of praise to the Father as you start the day.

So why would Jesus teach us to start our prayers with praising God? Proverbs 1:7 says that The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge… Starting our prayers with praising God begin our day, our meal, our gatherings, our evenings, our family worship, our pleas for healing, our seeking of wisdom with a picture of a powerful God who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Let’s go to him today in this beautiful pairing of intimacy (our father) and power (hallowed be your name).

Matt and Kristen