In-Person Gatherings

If you are ready for an in person gathering, we’d love for you to join us! Below are some things we want to make you aware of to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable as we step into our time together. 

In person gathering times are 8:30am and 7:00pm in the courtyard of the U.

The guidelines limit our in person gathering to 100 people...including babies, kids, students... everyone. In order to make sure we are respectful of that, we are asking that everyone register before coming. The registration link is below. Once you register, we will make sure we have a spot set up for you and your household. 

Anthem’s Facility Process

We hope to provide a space where we as a church are not only seeking to stay in step with our governing guidelines but also to help anyone attending an in-person gathering feel comfortable and safe. Here are some things we are doing to make that happen...

- We will gather outside in the courtyard of the U and the first row of the parking lot.

- We will limit the gathering size to 100 people.

- We will use hard surface chairs that are easy to clean.

- Chairs will be placed 6 feet apart (except for those for people in the same household).

- Bathrooms will be open only for emergencies up at the chapel.

- There will be hand sanitizer available as you arrive.

- We will sanitize surfaces before and after each gathering.

- Play areas will be closed.


Note: Because we are beginning with outdoor gatherings at the U, we will not be able to accommodate any wheelchair access for the patio or family rooms as there is no ramp on this part of campus. Handicap access to the restroom in the chapel is available by way of street access from Arcturus St (there is no ramp access from the parking lot up to the chapel).

All Attendees

It’s going to be a team effort! We know these things are going to feel cumbersome and uncomfortable but we do ask that you help us in our efforts to create a comfortable environment for this first attempt. We are asking everyone attending an in-person gathering to:

- Self screen at-home (including temperature check) before arrival. If you are showing any signs of sickness or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or have family members who are sick, please stay home.

- Maintain social distancing (at least 6ft) when possible.

- Wear a mask or face covering.

- Wash hands /use hand sanitizer (will be provided at entrance).

- Use the restroom before coming (will have chapel open for emergencies),

- BYOC (bring your own communion)...we will be taking communion together.



Reservations will be first come, first serve with a waitlist if needed. If you are not able to make it for some reason, please let us know asap so that we can fill those slots. We want to make sure we can accommodate as many people as we can! 

We will have a two-step reservation process: 

Step 1: Who is coming?

Let us know how many people will be attending the gathering with you. 

Step 2: What kind of seating do you want to reserve?

We will have three different in-person location “types” for each service:

1. Patio Seating

- Individual seating in the patio area of the U. Seating will be separated by household and setup to maintain social distance. 

- Registration will need to be per seat. Ex: If you have 5 people in your family (this includes children), you will need to reserve 5 individual seats. 

- If you have little kids, please keep in mind that stroller space will be limited on the patio. 

2. Family Room

- One room per household (ideal for families with young kids).

- We will have seating in each room but bring your own blanket and toys for floor activities.

- Reserve 1 room per household.

3. Tailgate Parking

- Two parking spots in front of the U stairs; feel free to park the car in one and set up your own seating in the other spot if desired.

- Reserve 1 per vehicle.

Reservations will close Saturday, June 13th at 11am or when capacity is reached. Waitlist will be available until Saturday, June 13th at 5pm and we will let you know by then if a spot has opened up.


Caring For One Another

As our church family begins to re-enter in-person gatherings, we want to be mindful that we are each coming from different convictions and levels of comfort. We encourage everyone to be as welcoming and hospitable to one another as possible while being aware that differing levels of comfort may exist. Instead of initiating a hug, go for an air-five or elbow bump instead. Greet with an extra big smile and excitement to see each other. Give a big heyo and ask how someone has been.  

If you are coming with kids...yay! They are welcome. We are not able to have any of our normal programs at this time but we would love for them to attend the family gathering with you. Parents, please make sure your kiddos stay with you and your household. As much as we can’t wait for the day that our kids are all running around playing together again, this first meeting isn’t the best place for that.


Note: In the unlikely event that there is an outbreak of COVID-19 that can be traced back to our in-person gathering this Sunday, the county may request information to aid in protecting citizens from continued outbreak. In that unlikely scenario, we may be required to comply with a request of information of people who attended this in-person gathering.

Whether it be online or in person, we look forward to gathering with you this weekend to start diving into the book of Proverbs together. You are in our prayers, Anthem!

Much love,
The Anthem staff team