Hey Anthem

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to Celebrate Generosity!

Kristen and I put together a quick video that will share some of the context for our family meeting coming up on October 17th at 6PM and how important it will be for you to add your voice to the conversation.

After you’ve watched the video, we are asking you to take 30 minutes to read through these questions, take some time to pray and then write up your responses. When you finish, send them to info@anthemchurch.org so we can collect th e responses and spend some time reading, processing and praying over them in preparation for the family meeting. These responses along with our own learnings will be the basis of the discussion at the family meeting.

Questions for response:

We shared some of our learnings on the video (they are listed below), did anything we shared resonate with you and what God has been teaching you? If so, what and how?

- God is speaking… we can hear him better when we discipline ourselves to turn down the noise and be with him.

- Community is absolutely essential to being a resilient disciple of Jesus.

- Unity of the Spirit can handle diversity of opinion

- What may be “uncomfortable” for us can simultaneously be welcoming and gracious to others

- We can meet/worship anywhere, anytime

- Our kids are disciples too, we want to teach and empower them well

- God’s Word is a light to our feet and a lamp to our path in the midst of a dark and confusing world.

- Difficulty is not the enemy of joy, but joy produced through difficulty testifies to the goodness of God.

- The hospitality Jesus calls us to takes intentional cultivation and gives us the chance to share in the joy of watching him work in other people’s lives

What would you add or adjust according to what God has been teaching you/saying to you over the last 18 months?

In light of what we have learned, what opportunities do you see for us to glorify God, to care for the body and to serve and reach our community?

As you think about Sunday gatherings, what benefits do you see from meeting in the tent?
-What are some of the hindrances?
-Who are the people being “missed” by us gathering in the tent?

As you think about us moving our gatherings into the chapel, what benefits do you see?
-What are some of the hindrances?
-Who are the people being “missed” by us gathering in the chapel?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully respond, your voices will add immense value to the conversation as we continue on in the mission of God!


Matt, Kristen and the elder team