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Livestream Gathering

We've canceled our regular gathering, but we are still gathering as the church. Join us for our Sunday morning livestream and House Church gathering. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 10 AM

Gathering details

Join us for an hour of worship, prayer and teaching from the scriptures to inform how we embrace and care for others during this current moment. 

A few reminders for our house church gathering:

- If you're sick, have a compromised immune system, or are in other ways particularly vulnerable to this ongoing health situation, please stay home.

- Remember to wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitier, and practice appropriate social distancing greetings (fist bumps, elbow bumps, air-fives, etc.)

Order of Service

The links below are resources and instructions we've put together to help in you participate in the livestream as well as thoughts on how to engage the whole family during the gathering.

Communion / Giving / Prayer Team

At home communion

- Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
- Pray
- Break bread and pour juice/wine
- Take the bread together (His body, which is for us)
- Drink the cup(s) together (The new covenant in his blood)


- Pray as a family to ask the Lord what generosity he is inviting you into in this unique time in history
- Go to to give your offering

Prayer Team

- Text prayer requests/needs to 805-232-4318
- If you would like somebody from our prayer team to call/FaceTime you, please indicate that on your text. Somebody from our team will reach out to you and pray with you.


- Listen and sing along!