We're excited to join one of our Anthem families, Dave and Diana Moore, in partnering with Operation Christmas Child again for this year! This is a great way to continue in our posture of generosity as a church. The Moores have been involved with this program for years and have seen God's hand at work in the lives of many, both those giving and receiving through this project. The Moores would love to have the Anthem family join in!

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to provide God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. By partnering together with the local church worldwide, every shoebox is an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

There are a number of ways to participate with OCC, and this year the focus will be building shoeboxes that will be sent out to children throughout the world.

Drop-off dates: Nov 14th - Nov 21st

Drop-off Locations:
- Sundays: bring your boxes to the Arcturus gathering at 9:30am
- Midweek: drop off at the Anthem office during office hours M-Th 9am-4pm
- Online: build a box all online at anytime

Anthem's shoebox collection kick-off will run Sunday November 14th and end Sunday November 21st.

Any boxes can be dropped off during the 9:30am Arcturus gathering at the OCC table or during the week at the Anthem office, Monday-Thursday between 9am and 4pm.


- Family Night: The entire family goes out to pick out items for each box.

- Community Group Team Box Building: The group sets a goal of how many boxes to build, and each member picks one item and buys a bunch of that item to put in.

- Empty Nesters: A cheap date as you go out shopping to find all sorts of gifts for the boxes.

- Happy Hour: Invite friends to a happy hour, and each person brings their favorite beverage along with lots of items to fill boxes.

- Lovers of Online Shopping: Stay home and build a box online in only 3 minutes!

Pack a shoe box

How To

Decide if you want to fill a box yourself or build a box online. Use the links below for gift item suggestions and to see a list of what not to include. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to the Moores by email or phone! 

Diana - 805-630-2141 or Dave - 805-217-4419

1. A shoebox

Start with an average-size cardboard or plastic shoebox. If you want to wrap it, cover the box and lid separately.

2. Boy or Girl

Decide whether you will pack a box for a girl or a boy, and the age category: 2–4, 5–9, or 10–14.

3. Fill with gifts

Select a medium to large “wow” item such as a soccer ball with pump or stuffed animal, then fill with other fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies.

4. Pray

Pray for the child who will receive your gift. You can also include a personal note and photo.

5. Label It

Donate $9 online and receive a label to Follow Your Box and discover the destination of your shoebox gift. You can also download and print basic labels, and include your $9 donation in the shoebox for shipping. 

6. Drop off

Bring your shoeboxes to one of the Anthem drop-off locations and you are all set! 

Drop-off dates: November 14 - 21

- Sundays: bring your boxes to the Arcturus gathering at 9:30am
- Midweek: drop off at the Anthem office during office hours M-Th 9am-4pm