Gathering with kids

Family Guide 

We are excited to have you joining us, family-style via livestream or in person during this unique season of life. We know it may be intimidating to think about engaging in an hour-long gathering with kiddos of all ages so we wanted to provide some tips, suggestions for engaging them as well as discipling them through what they hear. 


Invite the Holy Spirit to come fill your home before the livestream starts or in the car before arriving for an in person gathering. 

Don’t expect this time to go “perfectly”. It won’t. Don’t be afraid of a bit of chaos. 


Our gatherings will begin with a time of prayer and singing, we would encourage families to sing together, even the little ones! This moment will be followed by a time of teaching for about 30 min and then there will be a couple more songs and some instructions for a time of response including joining the body for communion! The message won’t be geared towards kids but also not inappropriate for them to listen in on.

Prepare your family beforehand

You know your kids best but here are some suggestions…

Toddlers and preschoolers: 

- Set them up in a familiar space at home or have a similar setup on a blanket for in person. Have toys, books, and snacks on hand to give out. Print out a copy of the kids lesson activity page or grab a kids activity bag if you are in person. 

Elementary/Middle School/ High School:

- Invite them to listen in and encourage them to be listening for answers to these 4 questions…

1. Who is God?
2. What has He done?
3. Who am I?
4. How then should I live?