Anthem Kids


In Anthem Kids, our mission is to help kids find their way back to God, connect with others, and contribute to changing the world. We believe that kids have the capacity to walk intimately with God, and we love to see them learn about Him and connect with Him through Bible stories, songs, and crafts. 

Ministry update: June 2021

We have loved this last season of meeting together on Sundays under the tent and via livestream as families. There has been a beauty to the simplicity and we have loved seeing families worship together. As things begin to open back up, we want to both build on those things we have loved, and begin to introduce some times for our kids to hear about Jesus at their level. 

For the remaining summer months, we will host an Anthem Kids Breakout twice a month during our Sunday morning gatherings. This is have kids walking - 5th graders (or 12 years old). Here are the upcoming dates: 6/13, 6/27, 7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22.


While we are so grateful that things are beginning to lighten up, we also know that covid is still around. We want to create a warm, welcoming and safe environment for anyone to join. 

The big three things for covid awareness are outdoors, distance and masks. In this current season, all 3 combined are seen as safest but 2 of the 3 in any given environment is sufficient. 

Specifically for the kids lesson time, being outdoors and keeping some distance will be a part of the plan for everyone, and for the kids, masks will be optional

Our volunteers are asked to wear masks whenever they are in close contact with children.

All provides snacks will be handed out by volunteers wearing gloves and children will be given sanitizer for their hands.

To make sure that we keep a safe and fun environment for all kids and volunteers at the Kids Breakout, we ask that you keep your child at home if they:

- have had a fever in the past 24 hrs
- have thrown up in the past 24 hrs
- have a productive cough
- have any other contagious illness


Check-in will be located at U building (the building in the parking lot). 

To minimize the amount of time that will be taken out of our gathering, we’re asking that each kid get checked in before the gathering begins at 9:30AM. The volunteers who are checking everyone in at our computers will make sure your info is up to date, print out a sticker for you to put on your kids. 

If you're checking your kids in for the first time, please fill out this quick form before arriving on Sunday morning, which will make your Sunday morning check-in process a breeze.  

Pre-register here! 

What to expect

When "family time" begins, parents, you can walk your kids back to the U building; please make sure that your kid(s) have their stickers on before leaving. They will head up to the playground area for some all together teaching time. Each child will have a foam mat to help keep distance while engaging in the time of teaching and worship. After that, the kids will be split up into three different age groups for some small group time including discussion questions, snacks and a craft that can be done from their spot. The kids time will be about 45 minutes. 


Parents, please come back to the U courtyard right after the gathering to check-out your kids. As soon as the kids are with their family, it’s important that the sticker on their back is removed. We don’t want there to be any confusion about who’s responsible for each child, so if a sticker is on a kid, they’re still “checked in” to the Kids Breakout. 

Can my younger child join?

If your child is younger than 4 but they are potty trained and you think that they can engage in the more structured environment, they are welcome to try it out. The content will be geared towards Pre-K and above. Otherwise we will have a walking to 3 year old room available for the younger kids. 

What about the weeks when kids are in the gathering?

We have loved having people of all ages in our gatherings over the past few months and we want to be more intentional with that when we have kids joining us in the gatherings. Some of our volunteers will be trying different ways of intentionally involve the kids during this season. To make sure you hear info on this, let us know that you would like to receive the Anthem Kid emails or sign up for the Anthem Weekly.